Our Mission MS Brookhaven group coordinated our September Collective Prayer Time

Tuesday, September 27th from 4pm until 7pm.

Prayer Time Locations:

First United Methodist Church, behind the Post Office in Brookhaven

Mission Mississippi Office, 840 East River Place, Suite 506, Jackson, MS

New Destiny Ministries, 110 Alta Woods Blvd, Jackson, MS

If you plan to open up your church or organization for this collective prayer time please let us know by emailing Paige at paigemissionms@gmail.com.

Interested in the upcoming Racial Reconciliation Celebration? CLICK HERE for more information.

Mission Mississippi has been leading the way in racial reconciliation in Mississippi for the past 23 years.  Our model is to bring people together to build relationships across racial lines so they can work together to better their communities.

As a 23 year old ministry, we have seen great strides made in racial reconciliation within the Body of Christ.  Each year we host two Statewide events, in the Spring, the Governor’s Leadership Prayer Luncheon and in the Fall the Racial Reconciliation Celebration.  For the past two years at these events, amazing leaders have participated in panel discussions focusing on current racial issues and how to pass on a better legacy in race relations to the next generation.  In 2015, our spring event panelist included, Benjamin Watson of the New Orleans Saints, David Gates of Atmos Energy, Eric Pratt of Mississippi College and Justin Jones-Fosu, a public speaker.  For our fall event, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, President of the Southern Baptist Convention Board and Dr. Jerry Young, President of the National Baptist Convention Board along with 20 pastors from across America, discussed forming a task force to address racial unity in America.   Most recently, Presidents from five Mississippi University discussed why racism is passed on and how we can be proactive to pass on a better legacy in race relations.

Along with our Statewide events, we have groups that meet consistently to pray for Mississippi and further discuss bridging the racial divide in their own perspective communities.